The translation of kusalimika is to survive.


It is a Kiswahili word, the official language in kenya beside english.


The association founded in 2011 by a groupe of young and committed persons from the region of baden/switzerland.


A lot of associations they take care one part. But we like to go a step further and try in different parts and steps to help the whole village.

We dont want to change the world, but we want to contribute our part for the peoples in africa for a beter future.


Some persones of our association know the relations in the village of tangulia/kenya from personal experience. Thats the reason we want to start our projects there.

Our focus at first time is sport and education. In future we want to attempt projects like microcredits; healthcare; family support; advancement of women; agrarian economy; small buisness; garbage disposal; preservation of culture.


Most of ours Webpage is only written in german.

If you like to have any translation or informations,

if you have any further queries,

please do not hesitate to contact us.

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